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it died because I stopped sending 10 layouts in a day!

But I'm Back.. I've sent in two already and third is coming..
believe me....much more :)

Posted by emmijane on Mar 5, 10 7:18 pm

I can't really help you much with that. I've been offstaff since October. Things have kinda died out here. D:

Posted by schizo on Mar 5, 10 5:22 pm

Thank youu! hes gonna be 8 months on monday :)

I made a layout yesterday.... buuuuttt
when I went to submit it, the previewer didn't show
any of my images, the coding wasn't working
the only thing that was showing was div boxes

Posted by emmijane on Mar 4, 10 7:45 pm

I was wondering where you went. Congrats on the baby!

Posted by schizo on Mar 4, 10 5:36 pm

ugh forgot to change the image link. fixed

Posted by emmijane on Oct 15, 08 7:33 pm

They were always better than some of the stuff we get, but your layouts have definately gotten better. I see you're getting a lot of people asking for requests already...

Oh and I looked at your resubmission of your Keira Knightley layout, and it's still spelled wrong on the banner. I don't want to bother rejecting it if you could just edit it...

Posted by schizo on Oct 15, 08 6:59 pm

well if you haven't noticed my work has greatly improved since joining createblog and if i wouldnt have listened to all the constructive criticism from you i wouldnt have gotten better :) see, you know how to constructively tell people whats wrong, some of the design staff is just pure assholes.

Posted by emmijane on Oct 15, 08 6:41 pm

Aww, thanks. That means a lot since people on here usually hate me because I have to reject some of their stuff. D:

Posted by schizo on Oct 15, 08 6:35 pm

youre my favorite :) just know that.

Posted by emmijane on Oct 15, 08 6:24 pm
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