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Hey there! Happy upcoming Thanksgiving, my friend. K.I.T? ha ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Nov 20, 12 2:14 pm

Yes, I can't say that I've seen Dexter yet but the VD I'm definitely into. I stopped watching TV shows for a while because I guess I don't like to have to wait a week for the next segment to come on. Feel like I'm being held hostage by my interest in the shows, one week at a time, so I gave up. ha ha:]

So tell me, what's your favorite part of the Vampire Series? Let me guess? Damon? Ha ha ha:} I like Stephan, personally. I've long quit on bad-boys. They can kiss my behind:DD ha ha ha.

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 27, 10 12:26 am


personally, i think vampire diaries, gossip girl, and dexter are the best shows that there ever will be lol

Posted by emmijane on Sep 26, 10 9:38 pm

Awww, thanks so much for the favorite and comment:]
Yeah, I just watched the 2nd Vampire Diaries show the other night and it looked good (as always). Can't wait for the next episode:[

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 24, 10 3:49 pm

Hi there! Thanks so much! xoxo

Posted by Butterface89 on Sep 24, 10 6:55 am

Hiya! Happy July 22nd! Just stopping by to say hello!

Posted by Butterface89 on Jul 22, 10 3:17 pm
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